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A Teacup or Tiny Puppy - Is It Right For You?

Teacup or even tiny puppies are not suitable for everybody, every home or every family. They tend to be expensive both in regards to purchase price and upkeep, and the vet bills due to carelessness  or mismanagement can be astronomical considering the size of the dog.

 Young t-cup puppies under 4 months of age, are usually high maintenance and need constant supervision and management, and usually do not mesh well with most average 8-10 hour work schedules, nor are they compatible with most children under 10 or so.

However, if you're tempted or always have wanted one, you are at the right location for quality need-to-know information, which will help you make a smart decision in deciding if a ultra small canine companion baby is right for you, your family and your lifestyle.

You'll also learn how to properly take care of your ittybitty baby, and how to avoid the expensive and often painful issues and problems that so many people unfortunately experience with their tiny and t-cup puppies, due to not being familiar with the intensive care the smallest of the smallest members of "doggyhood" require in order to thrive.

How to Navigate our Website...

Please take your time to explore this website - it is constantly growing as I make the time to write and share more information.

If you are new to computers and the web - go to new pages by clicking on the colored links in text, or by looking for the Navigation Bar to the left of each page. Subject related additional pages, that may also be of interest to you or that offer additional information, can also be accessed from the bottom of each page as well.

This website is a combination of my own experiences of breeding and raising extra small puppies for well over 15 years, as well as a composite answer to all of the questions and concerns my puppy buyers have brought to the table over these long years - all put together in one central location.

Feel free to bookmark us, share us with your friends via Facebook or Twitter, and also take a minute to Subscribe for Notifications, Updates and Product Reviews.

I value your presence, and welcome your information requests - if I can answer any of your questions, before I get to write about it here on the website - feel free to email me and ask!!!

While this website focuses specifically on teacup + tiny puppies, the same information applies and sh/could be used to raise your regular or larger toy sized pups as well. You actually have more leeway for flexibility in the slightly larger pups, as they are not quite as fragile and tend to bounce back easier when in stressful situations.

Thanks for your visit - I hope you will find this website informative and helpful in raising your tiny puppy! I appreciate any feedback you care to leave ;o).

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, Sabine

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